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    Showing posts with label SoCal LoCal. Show all posts

    Sunday, June 7, 2015

    Our New House

    We recently purchased a house in Southern CA and in typical husband and Shannon fashion, we tore it up and are remodeling basically the entire house. Most of my family lives in other states and has been requesting photos of the progress as we go. To be kind and not fill up your fb stream I decided to put everything together here.

    We are planning on updating/changing the kitchen, laundry room, master bathroom, master closet and replacing all floors and closets. We will also do small changes in all other bathrooms and maybe a little something in the office.

    I can't wait to move in...sometime in the next few months. Currently the majority of the focus is on the downstairs, but we have started to move upstairs with demo and will finish this week.


    Original layout with hall on other side of the fridge. Picture from the old family room and now the dining room.

    Wall opened to hall and all counters, cabinets and appliances removed.
    Picture taken from the old family room and now the dining room.

    Walls and flooring completely removed.
    Picture taken from the old family room and now the dining room.

    Picture taken from other side. Old formal living room and just living room now.

    Laundry Room

    Original Room

    Current status. Cabinets, counters and floors removed.
    Master Bathroom

    Original master bath
    Shower Removed. There is actually quite a bit more removed now, but I haven't taken a photo yet.
    My brother Jeff spent quite a few hours getting this stuff removed!

    Monday, September 9, 2013


    Cozy chair in the bedroom that will be replaced with an even cozier
    chair that I am waiting to be delivered! The pillow stays, obviously.

    Slaapkamer - Dutch
    slaapkamer f (plural slaapkamersdiminutive slaapkamertje)
    Translation: bedroom

    I have mentioned before that I love my bed. It has been one of the best purchases we made when we moved to SoCal. When we purchased the bed last year I knew how I wanted the bedroom to look, but it took forever for me to find all of the vintage frames, pillows and headboard. In fact the headboard was the piece that I had the hardest time with. I knew what I wanted and had seen it at West Elm, but they had discontinued that particular headboard right when I was ready to order (for real). So I searched high and low for the perfect piece, but couldn't find anything close. Yellow is a hard enough color to find in a headboard, but coupled with the height I was looking for and the lack of decoration it was an uphill battle.

    That is until I came across a tumblr site called Love Shack Designs that custom makes headboards of all shapes and sizes. All it took was one email with a description and a picture of what I was looking for and not only were they able to do it, but it was easily a couple hundred dollars cheaper (including shipping) then my original choice. So I took the money I saved from the headboard and got a new chair (similar style here) to complete the room. Just waiting for it to be delivered.

    The Best Bed Ever now completed with a kick ass headboard.

    I Don't Like Mondays Blog Hop

    Friday, September 6, 2013


    I love short work weeks. Even though I don't have to go into an office I still love the feeling of a three day weekend. It's a special treat that we all should have a little bit more often.

    My week has been filled with working, cleaning, reorganizing and getting in the mind set for fall, which with the heat wave we have been having here in SoCal is really hard to do. All the cleaning was a result of our new couch being way larger then our current one and things just have to go to make space. I have been coming up with ways to consolidate things and I think when everything is complete it will be so nice, but it is just taking patience, of which I have only a little. On the upside of things, the proceeds of all furniture sold will go towards a new sideboard/wine cabinet of which I will quickly fill to the brim with delicious wine. So cheers to a fabulous weekend!

    Image via Tradesy

    Closet Cleaning - Speaking of cleaning, check out Mashables 6 sites for selling clothes that you no longer wear. I have tried a few of these with some of my higher end items (I usually donate a vast majority of my stuff, but some things I need to get a few more dollars out of!) and haven't had a bad experience with any of them. If you have the items and eBay is just not your style, check out these options.

    Image via Starz

    Couch Potato - I can't help it, I love dishy, soapy, trashy time period shows and The White Queen is no exception. Cheesey, historically iffy and most times totally inaccurate, I still love the drama, intrigue and the fact that it is based (if somewhat loosely) on something that actually happened. This is prior to the Tudor rule and set during the the war of the roses. Give it a watch. It's good fun. Are you York or Lancaster?

    Image via Instructables

    Fruit Fly Fix - It is that time of year where the fruit flies are everywhere. Check out this Instructables on how to get rid of these pesky buggers. My tried and true method is a shot glass with red wine vinegar and a dash of dish soap. Works every single time and I don't even bother with the plastic on top that some people use. They usually dive right in to it as is.

    Image via Tracy Anderson Method
    Workout Inspiration - This is a great little article that can give you a few little tricks on how to make sure you are doing and making the best out of your workout. Some days it is really hard to find the motivation and I can see using one or two of these to make sure I am getting it done. Even when I would rather be sleeping in.

    Image via Purewow

    Tasty Stuff - As part of my food exploration this year, I am really cutting back the sugar, potatoes, breads, meats and processed foods in my house. It's been a slow go (BF is Dutch and they eat lots of potatoes, meat and bread), but we are getting there. While I don't make cookies often, these Banana Bread and Almond Butter Cocoa Sandwich cookies sound so delicious, I think we may just have to give these a try and soon.

    Have a great weekend!

    Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    Summer Vacation is Over

    Phew. Summertime can really take it out of you. I mean sun, beach, vacation, kids, food and wine…need I go on? It has been a full and busy summer for me and the peeps and I didn't mean to not update, but I decided to embrace all that comes with summer vacation, including not updating the site and boy did it feel good! Now it's time to settle back in, get back to work and find out everything that is worth knowing in my world. 

    Actually I don't have much to catch anyone up on (unless you count sitting around and enjoying the sun something everyone needs to know), but here are a few of the highlights.

    • I made this peach pie. It was soooo good, I recommend everyone having some end of summer peach pie. I have no pictures because it was so good no one remembered to take pictures. We were way too busy filling our pie holes with pie.

    • I photo bombed fallen trees in the Redwoods. I would have loved to spent more time hiking there, but the kids are not of that age quite yet and there are plenty of years ahead for that!
    • One set of parents moved to Oregon and we spent an afternoon checking out the Durant Vineyards/Red Ridge Farms olive mill and winery. I joined the club, bought plenty of oil and wine and can't wait to get my first club shipment. If you find yourself ever in the area, check it out. Well worth a taste and a walk through.
    • I froze avocado's in hopes of being able to enjoy it through the winter (they were so cheap this summer), but my first taste test of the frozen items is not exactly what I hoped. I guess I will just buy them at the higher price for my sandwiches. 

    • I bought  a new couch (minus the tacky pillows and fake flowers), but I won't get it until October. Totally worth the wait!
    Annnnd that's about it for me. How about you? Anything new, exciting, thrilling or a must see and do?

    Wednesday, March 27, 2013


    When I lived in Seattle and went to work everyday I had a routine that I followed on most days. Of course nights and weekends could include any number of things, but for the most part it was the same type of thing, lather, rinse, repeat. Then 1 1/2 years ago the BF and I decided to shake thing up and now my routine consists of knowing that I will go to sleep at some point and hopefully wake up at another. Where, when or how long depends on what is going on. While this took some time to get used to, I now think I am fully immersed in the crazy routine of random with some bits of normal. The side effect of this though is that I tend to want to never leave my house if I happen to be there for more than two weeks at a time.

    I have never been a house hermit. I liked to go out, explore, do things, find things and try things. Now I tend to just want 60 minutes of uninterrupted TV time to catch up on the Walking Dead and Revenge. I am trying to shake myself out of this self imposed hermit like state, but I am having a heck of a time. It probably doesn't help that I am still working on getting to know my neighbors, so my local friends are few (but totally awesome). I think maybe I just need to drag myself out and do things. Any suggestions on what will get me excited to leave the house for? And no, good wine and food won't do it, I have plenty of that at home!

    Monday, March 18, 2013

    Nailed It

    For the last 10 years I have been flying international for work or personal reasons, but the last two years my travel has been in overdrive. My usual routine after a flight back to the US involves going to the grocery store grumpy (after a shower to wash the plane off and makeup free, looking tired and crazy) extensive complaining about jet lag, 3am Internet shopping (since I couldn't sleep) and essentially taking at least 3-4 days to become a fully functional human being.

    I have been working on trying to perfect my routine to eliminate the unnecessary crap and have me feeling back to normal much quicker. It's been an exhausting series of mishaps and gains, but I think I finally have it down and wanted to share a few tips that I have found make my recovery so much easier.

    1. This is just the number one rule no matter what, don't eat the food on the plane. I know it's a 10 hour flight, I know you want to eat it because you are bored and it smells good, but don't. Eat a full meal prior to getting on the plane and bring snacks. If you must eat something have the fresh fruit or other healthy FRESH items they offer on the tray, just not the main items themselves. The pizza, pasta, chicken thing are just not going to work for you or aid in your quick recovery from jet lag. Seriously, no. Unless of course you are business or first class on Air France, then eat away my friend, the food is fantastic there. Staying clear of caffeine, alcohol and sugar once on the plane is also advised, but all depends on how your day is going. If you need it, you need it

    2. If you are headed to the US and have a morning/early afternoon flight you should rest, but not sleep on the plane. Sleeping really messes me up on this route, but watching some movies and relaxing seems to work well for me. (Side note that the opposite is true heading to Europe).

    3. This may only apply to me, but I live about an hour away from LAX and while there are airports closer to me they don't have non-stop service from Amsterdam, so LAX it is. I have tried so many different ways to get back from the airport to the house (I really wish there was a decent train system, but no) and finally have come to the realization that being a regular customer with a car service is the only way to go. Shuttles take waaaay to long and involve other people that I really don't want to sit next to, taxis are expensive and friends and family is a large ask to do so often. Car service is a lot less expensive than you would think and they are there promptly when you get to baggage claim, help with your luggage and drive you non-stop to your door. Win.

    4. Have your groceries delivered the same day that you arrive is a genius option. This is not only can be arranged days prior to your arrival (when you are thinking straight), but it can be free depending on coupons, total purchase price or your first time trying this service. The advantage to doing this is huge. You have fresh food (yes, even the produce is fantastic), you don’t have to get take out or icky fast food for dinner, you have items for breakfast the next day and you don’t have to leave the house once you get in from the airport. I usually purchase a frozen entree item (those quick meals that you can throw in a pan and heat) and a salad for dinner that evening so I don’t even have to think, just heat. Fabulous.

    5. Schedule a massage for your return, either day of or the following day. This last trip to try and help me stay up, which usually helps me adapt to the time difference much easier, I scheduled a massage the evening I arrived. Not only did it keep me up, but it had me leave the house for something enjoyable. I stayed up, received my massage, came home relaxed and promptly went to sleep until 6am. That’s like a record or something.

    While some of this can’t be done every time, I will be doing as many of them as possible when I return to the US since this has truly made this last jet lag be so much easier to recover from. I announced this discovery to the BF and he reminded me that the second night is always harder than the first to stay asleep. Good thing I never listen to him.

    Happy Monday!

    Monday, February 4, 2013


    I have been gone. Things have been busy and well my creativity has been at an all time low, not to mention that I have been more social slug than social butterfly. So I just took a little break to see how it felt and it was nice, but frankly I am ready to start talking to people I have never met before again. So, hello and here is what you missed the month of January.

    • On a flight we were standing in line to check our baggage and saw a gentleman who looked a little out of sorts for international travel, I had nothing else to do so I checked out the situation. Turns out he was being escorted on the plane by police officers. Sane people would leave it at that. I had scenarios of Lost like island survival, except that it would most likely happen over Greenland since that was our route and we would have to eat each other like in the movie Alive. Conclusion - I need to stop watching TV.
    • Then there was the time when the BF was in NL and I was in Cali and his internet went out, then two hours later mine went down as well. I figured the apocalypse was just coming a little late and that I only had a few minutes left. Cable went down too so I couldn't disprove my theory. That is until I remembered to use my phone and saw that Cox was just having issues. Conclusion - it was not the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine (even good) about it.
    • The BF showed up from his travels, got out of the shower and took out a can of Axe body spray from his toilet kit. After I stopped laughing I explained to his very confused self that only pre-teens and those in South America use body spray (at least I think, this is pure speculation). He didn't see the problem, so I had to go purchase Tom Ford (Pick any of them. They are all divine) to show him the error of his ways. Conclusion - He is not allowed to shop alone.
    • I was stupid busy at work and wore my sheep pajamas (The ones where the sheep are wearing leg warmers, scarfs and hats on it. My favorite ones ever.) until around 4pm each day, because that was when I then remembered to shower. Conclusion - Not showering until the afternoon is sooo not ok. 
    • My step mom retired and her whole demeanor seems to have changed overnight. It's amazing and I hope it's everything she wants it to be. She deserves it. Conclusion - Find out more about this retirement thing.
    • I have lost some weight and not because I am busy, but because I am watching what I am putting in my body and not being crazy about it. I have no idea if it will work forever, but so far I don't deny myself anything, as long as I have worked for it, and it seems to be working for me. Conclusion - I still have drinks of the adult nature and eat chocolate. Life is pretty good. 
    So how was your first month of the year? Did you get yourself sheep pajamas?

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    Black out

    I am a super lucky girl, in that I have some of the fastestInternet available in my house. We zip around the Internet and download HDmovies and shows like it is no big deal. That is until it all came to a stop.

    The BF and I both work from home and the Internet is prettymuch the gateway to the world both professionally and private. We make callsthrough Skype, email our clients and do 99% of our research online. We arewired throughout the house and plugged in just about every room. So you canonly imagine what happens to us when it all goes down…

    Me – Call the cable company, assure lady that we have resetthe modem several times, and schedule someone to come out today to fix whateveris wrong. I then use the phone to answer some emails and then start writingarticles and posts in Word on my laptop. Lunchtime arrives and I make veggiepizza, post some stuff on Facebook via phone and go back to writing.

    Him – Starts doing things, I am not entirely sure what, but itinvolves lots of speed tests and things being plugged and unplugged. Goesupstairs and pulls out the tools and then proceeds to take apart every piece ofInternet related modem, router and other things I don’t know the names of. Sayslots of swear words under breath. Tells me what he is doing (I try to lookinterested and then remind him the cable guy is coming today) and then he realizesI have no idea what he is talking about and goes upstairs to the patch box(where the cables come into the house). Spends an hour with the patch box,comes down and declares that it has to be the modem or the line that comes intothe house. Tries to get a little bit of bandwidth to create an Internetconnection, creates 5 different networks and one works enough for him to getsome work done. Eats lunch. He then starts messing around with the cablesagain, takes down the mini internet and puts all the stuff back in place forthe cable guy to arrive.

    Cable Guy – Arrives, finds issue within 5 minutes (it's the line coming into the house) and wewon’t have full Internet until Wednesday.

    Him – “That’s what I thought.” Sets up mini Internet again.

    Me – “One whole day and a half without full speed Internet?!How can I catch up on the Walking Dead that I missed last night?”*

    Gee talk about first world problems. I also have shown where my priorities are with Internet usage. I should be ashamed, but I am not.

    Then to round out our day, the oven stopped working and I didn't find out until I had prepped the chicken to go into the oven. At this point I have decided vodka is a much better dinner than whatever I was going to prepare. Crap.

    *I have both basic cable and lights, so I donated to the RedCross as punishment for my Walking Dead comment.

    Monday, November 12, 2012

    Pretty Sure Someone was Killed in my Kitchen

    In my house I usually do the cooking for dinner and such, not because I have to, but because I want to. I enjoy cooking, I love trying new recipes (good and bad) and lucky me the BF enjoys eating. That is not to say he can't cook, in fact sometimes he does and it's good. The only issue I have with his cooking is that butter (and a lot of it) is one of his main ingredients. I like to try and keep my butt size down so his cooking is restricted to only every once in awhile.

    That is of course unless I am out for the evening and he needs to fend for himself. Which is not a big deal for him, but turns out it is for me. Before I go to far into this story I need to preface it with the fact that I have a bit of a cleaning and putting things away in the correct spot problem. By problem I mean it has to be done my way. I am getting better and not freaking out on people any more, but I do re-clean and put everything back in the right spot the moment they walk away. This is considered progress. Trust me.

    So back to the BF, last week I went out for the evening and he decided to make himself tomato soup, which I am sure was delicious, and he cleaned up. Well kinda cleaned up. Is there something about domesticated men that render them unable to properly clean the counters after using the kitchen? When I got home I noticed there were small red splotches all over the counters. Before I realized what it was I thought he had cut himself. Then I saw it on the stove and sink and it started to dawn on me what happened. He must have killed someone and boiled the head (as a side note I thought the same exact thing about our neighbors. Turns out they are just divorcing.). After a moment of panic and a Starburst (left over Halloween candy) I spotted the soup can and was relieved I didn't have any additional body parts to worry about, but now I had to re-clean the counters, with bleach.

    Now I realize that I am a complete freak about my kitchen, but surely I can't be the only one that wants to ban someone from the kitchen. Am I?

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    Pleased as Pie

    About two weeks ago I went shopping at the new Home Goods with my parents and picked up some mini, individual size pie plates. They are the cutest thing and I knew immediately that I was going to come up with something to have for dessert for when the BF and his employee (D) arrived here in SoCal. After weeks of hard work on a road show, a home cooked meal and a delicious dessert is just what they need to get them back on track. Then I had to start thinking about what kind of pie to make, because the possibilities are endless I could spend forever trying to narrow it down. Lucky for me D is a certified chocoholic so the decision was easily made to make Chocolate Pudding Pie. I love this recipe for many reasons, but mostly because it's lower in sugar and has that pure chocolate taste that I love so much. Since D is more of a sweet tooth, I did substitute a graham cracker crust instead of a traditional dough and since I am not afraid of short cuts I used whipped cream from can. It's way more fun anyway!

    Simple filling ingredients.

    This is basically chocolate milk at this point, but wait two seconds later...

    All of a sudden it get's thick and then you add the bittersweet
    chocolate. Fair warning you will get an arm workout from
    all the whisking.

    Already to go in the fridge to chill.

    Just add fork.

    Have a great weekend!


    I was so lucky to have one of my best friends visit with me a few weeks ago. We had only two days together, but we made the most of it by going to the beach, eating Mexican food and of course going to a theme park and riding all the rides until we almost puked. The last part was more her than me of course, but I must admit that there was one ride that had me scared out of my wits. But we survived it all. This trip however really got me thinking about my friends that I have up in Seattle. These are the friends that know when your mood has shifted, know how to help you up when you are down and most definitely know that in an emergency champagne is my beverage of choice. While we all move on and around and here and there, we always have those friends in our lives. We just need to make sure we let them know what they mean to us more often.

    I am really trying to make sure that I pick up the phone, send an email or card to them more often. If you notice I didn't include text or Facebook that's because I am trying to take it beyond super convenient and make it more meaningful. Who knows if I will be able to keep it up, but I will never know until I try. Doesn't mean I will stop texting and posting on your Facebook wall, just means you should check your mailbox!!

    Love all my Seattle ladies and miss them terribly.

    Sab and I having a pre-party cocktail at our favorite restaurant.
    Yes that's a tiara on my head. It was my 30th birthday.
    Isn't that what everyone does?

    Monday, September 24, 2012

    Sales of the yard and garage type

    Oh yes I do. It's been years since I happened upon a garage sale of the interesting kind, but recently I had a friend convince me that I have just been to the lame ones. And yes, my mind has been changed. Between the never been used trampoline and the brand new still in the box, never have been opened, dehydrator (for $3. Yes really.) I am a convert. Either the ones I have been to before really sucked or in southern California truly has the best garage sales ever. Of course there were a few that I didn't find anything, but at those my friend found brand new wood block for her kid ($2) and super pricey lamps at only $10 a piece with the shades.

    Then there was the garage sale that we both picked up a few items for free. I walked away with a perfect LL Bean beach bag and two large awesome jars for $0. Apparently he just didn't want to drag it back in. I have my theories why he was not wanting to drag them in. The jars smelled a bit like a substance that could be used for recreation or medicinal usage that I have heard can make you a little carefree and he was happen to have me cart them off for a smile. I don't judge. They were free and super cute, however my kitchen smelled a bit like Jamaica for an hour or so.

    I also scored yards of super cute ribbon for $2 (perfect for Christmas presents), but these are my favorites picks of the day!

    I can't wait for next weekend. Woo hoo.

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    A letter to the people next door to me with the baby

    I understand that you have a child, congratulations. It's hot out. Your kid has lungs and it is now a problem. Here are my suggestions on making me not go insane and want to have a rave party 24/7 to annoy the crap out of you.

    1) I know that you have air conditioning. Use it.
    2) You in insist on having your windows open. Why? I hear your baby all day and all night. See number one. It involves closing your windows.
    3) I don't hate babies, but I am beginning to hate yours. Don't make me hate your baby.
    4) It's not that I think I am better than you, because I do have people over and we make noise, but we don't cry that loud (or even make noise that loud) and it's not all day and night. See number one.
    5) Perhaps your child has issues. Look into a vacuum. I read a lot of mommy blogs that suggest this and since I can't drink the proper amount of alcohol to drown him out, throw me a bone.
    6) For the love of puppies, he is an unhappy camper and I am sure it sucks for you too. So I left you a bottle of vodka on the doorstep, use it. Yup that was from me*

    *For real. Maybe I should have left you my website address so you could read this.

    Thank you,
    Shannon (your trying not to be your drunk neighbor) 

    Thursday, September 6, 2012

    Doctor Shannon

    I love my new doctor. Like really, really love.

    It all started with my arm. A few weeks ago I discovered a little bump that slowly became a larger bump on my upper right arm. I had just made the big girl purchase of real insurance in California (as opposed to the catastrophic insurance I had previously) so I needed to begin the search for a doctor. As someone who tries pretty hard to not go to the doctor I had no idea where to start looking other than the internet. Luckily I found a lovely little family practice not too far from me that had a bunch of great reviews (which BTW I should totally start a site about doctors and how to find one. You heard it here first.). After reviewing all of the doctors at the practice I decided on a younger (under 40) physician that seemed super nice from her bio and called the office to set an appointment. The front desk was so nice and helpful that immediately I knew I found the right place.  The only thing was that in order to get in as soon as possible I would need to see the LPN rather than the doctor, which is totally fine by me. The LPN was wonderful and decided to go with an easy round of antibiotics that can sometimes solve the issue I had super quick like (in case you are wondering it is just an abscess, which I am not linking to. Gross.).

    After a week of trying the least invasive treatment and not having it work, I had to return to the office and this time I was going to see the doctor herself. Immediately upon arrival in the room she started chatting with me, because we of course had not met before and she wanted to make proper introductions. I was just super happy she even knew that I was a new patient.

    After our intro's we went right into my stupid bump and she explained she was indecisive about changing anti-biotic types and that she was going to cut me open. She actually said it like that, "cut me open". Then told me it sounded much worse than it actually was going to be and not to worry. OK, cool. She proceeded started looking for the items needed to 'cut me open' and had some troubles trying locating them so she enlisted a nurse that was walking by to help. At this point in the story my friend said that most people would be concerned, but I lose my cell phone at least 5 times a day so not finding a scalpel is not big deal to me.

    Scalpel now located, she pulls out the freezy stuff that numbs you up before they make the incision. She did inform me that there is a more technical term for the freezy stuff if I wanted to know it, but in between giggles I said I preferred the term freezy stuff. The rest of the visit went pretty much the same way with more nicknames for things and discussing the fact that I took it upon myself to expand on the alcohol consumption question* when I filled out the patient forms on my initial visit. We wrapped it up by finally deciding what antibiotic to put me on and a quick recap of our favorite actor. That's when I realized she is me, but super doctor smart me. At least I imagine that is exactly how I would be if I was a doctor and could stand dealing with things like abscess' (which considering I won't even link to it, I don't think I would ever have a career medicine). Dude it's fate that I found her.

    Now I need to find a dentist. Any good recommendations on how to start that search??

    *I felt it was important to state that I normally consume very little in the alcohol department unless I am around my girlfriends or have an incredible bottle of wine, then all bets are off. Apparently no one else gives this type of information and they thought it was somewhere between helpful and funny. Which was kind of the point. Those forms are so boring to fill out (and I assume read) so I try and make it fun while keeping to the facts. You should see what I wrote about asthma...kidding...kinda.

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012

    The Return

    On the last day here with my mom we drove back to Coronado for an item that just couldn't be lived without. It was a gorgeous, fantastic, wonderful day.

    On a side note I recommend stopping in at Moo Time for a snack. Fab ice cream.

    I am participating in August Break. Check it out.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    Long Walks on the Beach

    Last night my mom and I strolled along the waters edge, getting our feet good and sandy and watched the paddle boarders, wind surfers and kids playing in the waves. We completed our evening with some good Mexican food and I happened to come across a skinny margarita that needed a friend. Ole!


    I am participating in August Break and it's ending too soon!

    Friday, August 24, 2012

    Sea Lioned

    The noise, the fights and the laziness and the blubber. It's like Sunday at my house, but with sea lions.

    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    Dragon Tree

    Over 100 years old and still going strong.
    Seriously it's called the Dragon Tree on Coronado Island

    I am participating in August Break, how relaxing.

    Monday, August 20, 2012

    Going to the Flea

    Yesterday I went to the Long Beach Antique Market which is filled with oodles of awesome things. This one however scares the crap out of me.

    He reminds me of the Crypt Keeper, but with more flesh.

    I am participating in August Break and love the pictures we are all taking!

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    Three dolphins and a few birds

    You can't see the dolphins in either shot, but while randomly stopping to check out the water in Newport Beach we were greeted by three dolphins playing in the waves. It was a lovely way to start the evening.

    I am participating in August Break. Check out all the others too!
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