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    Showing posts with label Beauty. Show all posts

    Friday, February 13, 2015

    Beauty in the Kitchen

    I have been on a DIY beauty bender. Not sure if it's the season change or what, but I have had a handful of recipes that have been waiting on me to get my act together to try. I guess I finally ran out of excuses and gave a few of them a try. Some were better then others, but these two below were my favorites.

    I am a big fan of trying a beauty recipe exactly as written the first time I make and then seeing what I want to tweak for next time. Both of the recipes below were tweaked to be more how I like them; The mask a little more creamy and I just love my sugar scrub cubes. Give them a try and letting me know if you have any tweaks you suggest!

    The Calming Mask

    This is now my go to mask after a long flight or a change in weather (that can really drive my skin crazy). It will calm, soothe and leave your skin feeling hydrated and lovely.

    This quantity will yield three masks treatments, give or take how much you apply.

    Let’s discuss the ingredients super quick in case you feel they are too hard to get. They aren’t, I promise.

    The dried kale is just that so I used my dehydrator and fresh kale, but you could essentially do this in the oven as well and just grind it up in your processor, spice grinder or ninja.

    The spirulina I picked up in bulk on Amazon (because it is good for a million different things), but you can get this at Trader Joes in a smaller amount.

    The colloidal oatmeal is seriously just oatmeal that is ground to be super fine. Head to the grocery store and pick some up (just make sure it’s not the instant) and blend, process or ninja your way to a super fine powder.


    1 tablespoon Dried Kale
    1 tablespoon Spirulina
    1 tablespoon Colloidal Oatmeal
    2 heaping tablespoons Goat Milk Yogurt (I add a little more to have a creamier texture)

    Make sure you have a jar to keep the mask in and a spatula to mix it all together.

    Now down to the process:     
    1. Mix kale, spirulina and colloidal oatmeal together.      
    2. Add in goat milk yogurt and combine all ingredients until well mixed.
    3. Ready to use. Apply to face and throat for 10-15 minutes.

    This mask is good to keep in the refrigerator for 3-7 days depending on your yogurt expire by date. After that is may get a little funky smelling!

    Wake me up Scrub

    I love a good exfoliating scrub, but finding the right balance of oil, sugar and scents is not an easy task. I think I have a pretty good mix though with this one.

    You can do this scrub two ways, just like the instructions (mix and go) or you can make scrub cubes! I got the idea from a small soap shop in Newberg, OR and thought it was a great idea. The only problem were the ones in the shop were too hard, more soap like, and not enough scrub. Tweaking the recipe below just a bit, as soon as the cube gets warmed by your hands it instantly gets soft and scrub like, which is way more my preference. 

    The ingredients are essentially the same as the below except you eliminate the olive oil and honey and use a super fine sugar instead of a coarse type.  Once mixed together place the mixture in a small rectangular pan with wax paper and chill either in the fridge or the counter top, depending on your hurry. Once the mixture is set, cut into cubes with a knife and place in the shower. These are a great for travel and gifts. I love them!


    1/2 cup coconut oil
    1 teaspoon of olive oil*
    3/4 cup organic sugar 
    1/4 cup ground coffee 
    1/4 cup raw honey 
    1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 

    Mix the oils together first and then add the remaining ingredients. You are now ready to get in the shower!

    *The key to using coconut oil for scrubs is to add a little olive oil in as well to make sure your mixture doesn't turn solid. It doesn't hurt the product if it does go solid, but it does make for a difficult time getting out of the jar.

    Original recipes from Refinery 29, but tweaked in my kitchen to be more to my liking.

    Tuesday, July 16, 2013

    Summer Feet

    I may have mentioned a few times in the last few weeks that I have been struggling with my feet being dry, tired and not happy. I have been using the vaseline method and it works, but it's a bit hard to put socks on with the summer heat. Then last week a friend sent me a link about a DIY foot bath solution that promises to get that dead skin removed and leaves your feet pretty. Of course I had to try it, but first I wanted to to check out that it wasn't going to melt my feet or something else I would regret. Once I read this article that pointed out what each ingredient would do, I felt good enough to give it a go.

    I can't find the original source to credit since there are so many people that have reposted and included this information on the web, but here is the original "recipe" for your foot bath:

    1/4 cup Listerine
    1/4 cup distilled vinegar
    1/2 warm water

    Mix all and soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off.

    I followed the above directions using the blue Listerine and soaked for the recommended time. While the skin did not "wipe off", using a pumice stone after the soak the skin was indeed coming off so easy that I was sold, but I do have some changes and suggestions. I would absolutely double the ingredients so you have a decent amount of water to truly soak your feet in and I don't recommend using the blue Listerine, unless you like blue feet (although my feet are now minty fresh).

    While we may be halfway through summer I think the soak is totally worth a try to keep or refresh your feet and make them sandal worthy all summer long.

    Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    Somewhere in the Vaseline

    This is a particularly funny name for an incredibly useful product (and one of my favorite STP songs). I stumbled on to it's many uses when I discovered that when I work out hard, my feet are sweaty and really don't like to be that way. I tried all sorts of OTC things to combat this, but it wasn't until after a lot of searching on the internet I came across the suggestion that if you apply Vaseline to your feet before bed and cover with socks, by morning you will have soft and happy feet. I tried it and it really works! Like really, really, totally worked. So well in fact that I now do it 2-3 times a week just to keep my feet soft and supple.

    After doing this for a few weeks I remembered my grandmother always had a jar of it lying around the house, so I decided to see what other magic things vaseline can do. There are so many uses and tricks you can use this stuff for that this could be a super long post, but to keep it short here are some of my favorites:

    Removes watermarks on wood
    Someone forgot to use a coaster and now Aunt Margie's table has watermarks! Just apply some vaseline, wait overnight and in the morning gently wipe away. Aunt Margie will never know.

    Leather Jacket Care
    Leather jackets can loose their luster over time, but by applying just a little vaseline, rubbing it in and removing any excess with a towel you can bring it back to life in no time.

    Stop lids from sticking!
    I can never reopen my nail polish bottles without almost losing a tooth. If I just apply a little vaseline on the rim of the bottle I can keep my teeth. Yay!

    Smell better longer
    Keep your favorite perfume going all day or night by dabbing just a little bit of vaseline on your pulse points, followed by your favorite scent. The vaseline helps the scent stay around longer.

    Remove a stuck ring
    The other day I did a lot of work involving using the tips of my finger to get some lights connected (we had to make 500 of them) and my fingers were so swollen by bedtime I couldn't remove my ring. I applied just a tad of vaseline and it came right off.

    Clean looking DIY manicures
    So your left hand is looking so good, but then you move to your right hand and all of a sudden your nail polish is all over your cuticles. Or is that just me? Prevent this craziness by placing vaseline along the sides and base of your nails and apply your polish. Once your manicure is dry remove the vaseline and extra polish in one swipe.

    Make plucking your eyebrows easier
    Just apply a little vaseline to your eyebrows and the skin will soften allowing for easier removal. Also since we are talking about the eye area, I have read that applying a very little bit to your eyelashes it can help get them to grow. Not sure if I believe that one, but it's worth a try.

    Stubborn make up remover
    Hard to remove make up is no challenge for vaseline. Just apply to the area and wipe clean.

    Lastly, there seem to be mixed reviews on using it on your face, but I have tried it and like the results. I don't do it often, but in a pinch or when my skin is beyond dry I reach for it and have much softer skin.

    Any great uses for it that you think is worth adding to the list?

    Monday, June 10, 2013

    Don't Call it a Comeback

    Remember when your mother told you if you can't say anything nice you shouldn't say anything at all? Well that has been my feelings the past month or so. It was like I was living in a place that for every positive thing that happened, two crappy items appeared. I starting noticing it in my writing and and realized that perhaps some time off was in order. So I did it and while things may still not be peachy keen with sugar on top, they are drastically better. Plus I really missed rambling about all the crazy stuff I come across. So hopefully you missed me a little too and we can get back on track with the rambles. So here is what you missed during the intermission:

    Pants are roomy, but I have fat feet
    Went to New Orleans for about two weeks and just got back yesterday. I ate like it was going out of style, but walked so much of the convention center I actually lost weight. I also would like to say my feet HURT. I got a massage yesterday and have a pedicure scheduled today so hopefully my feet will get back to normal ASAP. Here I am at Hustler:

    Obsessed with
    Nuance Salma Hayek products have sprung up all over my house! Creamy cleanser, shampoo & conditioner, texturizing sea salt spray and make up remover are all fantastic items. I keep buying more just to see if they are as fantastic as the last. The price point is great and it's at CVS, so convenient! I have yet to find something I don't like. Salma has a heavy hand in the creation of the products as it is all based on her grandmothers recipes. You can read some information about it here. Totally worth a try.

    Wish I was here
    You may have read about the kickstarter campaign that Zach Braff started. I am actually a really big fan of his work and decided to become a backer and am really looking forward to behind the scenes updates. I since then have become a total kickstarter addict and have had to stop myself from backing every food idea on the site. So far that has only worked 50% of the time.

    Discovered the Beautiful Creatures Series
    I didn't leave the house for a few days. It was cheesy, fun and an easy read when I needed to get my mind off of things. Apparently there is a movie, but I don't remember hearing anything about it. It has Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson in it. I might need to check it out.

    I bought this
    I thought it was cute.

    Glad to be hitting the interwebs again!!

    Sunday, March 31, 2013

    I'm Sorry What?

    "Are we just sugaring the brows or the lip too?"

    Ummm so when did the lip even come into play? This is one of those things that has now happened to me more than once...ok more then three times. I guess it's time to deal with it, but let me just say that first off, if I don't have lip listed on the appointment keep your comments to yourself. Got it? 

    I am not even sure when the lip hair started, I have incredibly light hair on my face and arms so I never really paid attention to it, but I guess when several trained estheticians are recommending I look into this, I guess they are not just trying to get me to do more services (because that of course was my first thought). So I succumbed to it and had it done for the first time ever and holy lambits how in the world do people do this on a regular basis? It HURTS and it leaves your lip so red that no amount of lipstick will distract from it, so you will just have to wait it out in a dark room for a few hours before showing your face in public. Ugh.
    It is no joke that beauty hurts.

    Friday, March 15, 2013


    I am officially on my way back to SoCal today and while I am sad to be leaving NL, I am very much looking forward to seeing Target my family. The hardest part about a relationship with a person from another continent is the constantly having to say goodbye to one family to say hello to another. I have yet to master this, but I am getting better at it over time. The greatest part about this trip back to the US is that I get to celebrate by birthday AGAIN with my family. I love a good cupcake (hint hint) and presents so I say bring it on.

    Since I have been MIA for awhile I have a huge stock pile of things you must check out, but some may be a little older and instead of emailing me that it was so two weeks ago, just roll your eyes and say it to yourself. I have been in a work cave for almost two months. Give a girl a break!!

    image via Mou

    Mou - (pronounced Moo) aka heaven on my feet.

    The last week of February I was on site at an event in Istanbul and really misjudged the amount of walking I would do on a hard unforgiving marble floor. While I had packed my most comfortable boots and insoles, the amount of actual walking I did in this conference center destroyed my feet. As luck would have it one of the sponsor booths was Mou and I had struck up a conversation with the ladies at the booth that suggested I try on their boots for comfort. I did, I purchased and the next day I wore the boots to work the floor and my entire day was changed. I even had one guy say to me that I looked happier that day. And I was because my feet were happy, comfortable and not hurting. Now before you say they look like Uggs, I must say they are definitely more stylish and comfortable then Uggs. Now I am not saying these are to be worn to dinner or really out and about, they are plane and errand perfect. I own two and regret nothing.

    image via Amazon

    Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

    I am obsessed with Jaimie Olivers 15 minute meal show that they have in the Netherlands. Take away the delicious and easy to follow recipes and it is just fun to watch him in the kitchen, see the items he uses to make the meals (nothing fancy) and the farm house decor that he has in his indoor and outdoor kitchen make for more than just another food show. Doesn't hurt that the book is pretty awesome too. Buy it!

    Image via Trader Joe's

    Coconut Oil

    I have been obsessed with coconut oil for a few months now. Not only do I use it for my pancakes, but my shower scrub and cuticles. Now I found this article there are several other things it can be used for. I love the smell and the fact that if you use a small amount it will sink right in to the skin. It's pretty pricey at the grocery store, but I have found it fairly inexpensive at Trader Joe's and even at Costco. If you have any other suggestions of where to get it please let me know!

    Image via Etsy

    Downton Abbey Bracelet

    For those Downton Abbey obsessed folks out there (or Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, etc.) this Etsy shop takes some of the best quotes from shows and movies and puts them on bracelets, charms and rings. They are cute, inexpensive and great gifts for the show/book nerd in your life.

    Image via Sprinkle Bakes
    Guinness Pretzel Truffles

    Heather from Sprinkle Bakes is a genius when it comes to baked goods and these lovelies are no exception. This St. Patricks Day just say no to green beer and whip up a batch of of these truffles instead. Easy to make and even easier to consume I am looking forward to Sunday with these babies. If you have a little more energy and time you should give the the Sweet and Salty Guinness Chocolate Pie a go as well. It looks amazing!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    Beauty Junkie

    When it comes to beauty products I am like a moth to a flame. I am drawn to them. It like shoes, but worse because there are so many categories to choose from. 

    My travel has stepped up a notch with my latest exploits and as a result I have been on a plane at least once a week for the last month. While I have discussed my needs for a nighttime hydrating regime as a result of this, I have found that my daytime routine needs a boost as well to keep up with the dry environments of planes and hotels. Luckily my friends at BirchBox have once again read my mind and two months ago I received Olìe 004 Huile Moderne. Right on the bottle it declares that it is the ‘Everyday Everyone Everything skincare Oil’, so of course I tested it’s limits. With three different kinds of oils, including my beloved argan oil, it goes on smooth and penetrates quickly, fully nourishing my deeply dehydrated skin. It even perked up my way too many cocktails and trying to pretend I was 20 again the night before skin. That is a true test of miracle oil if I do say so myself. 

    This does not mean I have given up my argan oil though, it just means that I use it on my hair and nails instead of my face each morning. It still is magic!

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012


    Last week I was lazy and posted this picture without too much information.

    Well a few of you have guessed what it is, but I thought I would finally share the secret. I got lash extensions and they are FAB-U-LOUS. What you see above is without mascara and is how I wake up in the morning. How lovely is that? I sometimes just throw one some tinted moisturizer and call it good with so little effort that the cost of maintaining these pays off in ease alone. I love them so much that the thought of waking up with my own longish but blond lashes is just not going to happen any time soon. The lashes last about 4-6 weeks, but you can do touch ups every 2-3 weeks to keep them full and lovely all the time. Guess which route I am going?

    If you are in the OC (or want to drive there) I suggest going to Lash Spot, which is where I went. The people were fantastic and the lashes are great!

    Monday, April 23, 2012


    I don't know if it's the traveling or the new cleansing product I tried from my BirchBox, but my face is DRY. What's worse is for once my trusty argan oil isn't cutting it. So I quit the cleansing product  (which this is the first thing in a year that I have tried in my BirchBox that has even hinted at not working with my skin) and have been putting everything from old lady moisturizer to argan oil every few hours to try and combat this with not much luck. Then I was on the plane headed to Amsterdam on Saturday and Duty Free was available on the plane prompting me to browse through the catalogue to see if there was anything that might be able to assist with the flaky lizard like state my face had become. Enter in Kiehl's. Years ago Kiehl's was my go to beauty regimen products, but if you haven't noticed I love to try new products and Kiehl's fell off my radar. When I saw that I could purchase the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I knew that my skin was going to be healed. So in combination with the Ultra Facial Cream (also available on the flight) I woke up this morning to my skin visibly less dry and dramatically softer than when I went to bed. I still have a few dry patches, but a few more nights and I think we will be back to normal. Which is good, because right now I am looking a little tired due to jet lag and I can use all the help I can get!

    I may have picked this up as well, but only because I needed to distract from my scaly skin. Really.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Peel for Real

    A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was trying a new face mask/peel and would give you a run down on how it turned out if I liked it. I had never tried anything like this before so it was a new and different experience for me, but all in all pretty cool.

    The Earthen Instant Peel is a very interesting product. You get in the shower and wash up allowing your skin to get prepped for the peel. Once it’s ready you apply a little bit of the product to a small area of your face and then rub it in and then keep rubbing. And then you rub a little more and then finally you feel it starting to peel. At first I thought that it was just the product getting flaky then I realized it was the top layer of my skin (this is what it is supposed to do. I triple checked. Seriously.).  I moved through the different parts of my face and repeated the process as instructed. At this point I didn’t know what to think. That is until I got out of the shower. Holy cow my skin felt so soft and firm it was amazing what one little mask can do!

    It is a pretty cool product, but I am on the fence on purchasing it only because of the price point. Since I have dry skin they recommend that you only do this every two weeks (oily and normal would use it a little more often). So it would last me for awhile, but I have about 5 different masks in my arsenal right now that I am using. I am trying to streamline my beauty routine, because I plan to be traveling quite a bit in the very near future. Got to keep simple and easy so I may hold off on this, but maybe this is exactly what I need. We will see.

    I do however recommend trying it out, it’s not harsh at all, my skin didn't freak out and it really did have a noticeable difference with one application. Pretty cool. Let me know what you think if you have given it a chance. 

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    To lipstick or not

    Lipstick for some reason is tricky to me. Not the actual application, but the reapplication. I have some crazy fabulous colors that I swear I am going to wear forever, but they tend to end up in my drawer and not on my lips. I love the look and I think that lipstick really puts together the outfit, face, attitude but I just can’t remember to reapply the darn thing. So one of my goals was to try and put lipstick and reapply it all day for a week. I failed and miserably. So to not be a quitter I am trying it again and picked up some new long wearing Sephora brand lipstick. I was cruising through the aisles of my favorite beauty store and came across these slight pinky neutral tones with a hint (not a smattering) of sparkle. I thought wow for $12 a pop I should totally get a few different colors because I am totally going to love and wear them every day. So I had 4 different colors picked out and was ready to head up to the checkout when I stopped and realized I only needed one. Until I proved that I could use it and not have it collect dust I only should spend money on one, #18.

    So I have been wearing #18 for a week straight and have been so good about reapplying. I love the velvety feel of when it goes on and it does seem to last for quite awhile which helps me out a bit by allowing longer periods in between reapplications. The neutral color gives me a nice casual look and feel for everyday wear. I think I will go back and get a few of the other colors for weekends, meetings and days I just want to step it up a bit. I may just be a lipstick lady after all...at least until the next time I forget to put it on!

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Vampires Suck

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of my favorite shows back when it was on. Sarah Michelle Gellar who played Buffy always had a pretty great wardrobe and super awesome hair that for the most part stayed in place while she was slaying said vampires and other demon-y type things. She also had the perfect highlighter on her cheeks. Really I do notice these things and yes I know that's crazy.

    I love a good highlighter for the cheeks, but you have to be careful with these or you could end up looking like you just doused yourself with stripper dust or worse an aging raver that hasn't quite gotten out of the 90's (seriously am I the only one that thinks the 90's were only a few years ago and not a decade?). So lucky me when I got introduced to Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten. This is the perfect blend of bronzer with just a touch of highlighter. Even if you're unsure on how to apply this you really can't make a mistake since it's a touch and not a whole smack of color. I wore this throughout my vacation brushed over my tinted moisturizer and it gave me the slightly put together but clearly on vacation look I was going for. I think this permanently has a spot in my summer to fall make-up arsenal.

    To bring this post full circle, the crazy kids from Buffy used to hang out at a high school hangout  called the Bronze. See it was just meant to happen. Now I need to go watch some old episodes of Buffy on Netflix.

    Friday, July 29, 2011

    Hair Week

    Not to be confused with shark week. This week has been all about summer hair and I wanted to end this with my favorite summer hair products that I just can't live without. I am sure next year I will be declaring a whole slew of new products the just can't live without, but until then these are my top contenders.

    Dry Shampoo: Seriously this is the hardest thing in the world for me to narrow down, so here are my top two.

    • Klorane Dry Shampoo this is perfect when you just need a quick touch up. It really               absorbs all of the oil and is so easy to use. This is my go to bottle for traveling!
    • Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo. Yes you read that right Suave. I tried this out simply because it was on sale and $3.00. I mean how could I say no. Not only does this work on absorbing oil, but this gives great volume and has a great scent. First time I used it my hair went from limp and oily looking to fluffy and clean! Totally worth three times the price.
    Hairspray: This is so easy. L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray. This is the one that stylists used to sneak past customs to get into the US. While I don't think I would ever go that far for it, I do love it. It sets your style perfectly, but brushes out without leaving any residue behind so day to evening looks are possible!

    Hair recovery mask: Yes you need one. If you are out in the sun, swimming in pools or just outside during sun hours, try it. You will like it. I use Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Masque. Leaves my hair soft, shiny and healed.

    Last and definitely not least is the heat protective mist. I use just a few squirts of the Blow, the Heat is On and blow dry, curl or straighten as usual. This just gives a little bit of protection against all the heat that I apply to my hair. I do like to keep my hair as healthy as possible, even though I torture it day after day with heat!

    Have a super weekend everyone and take good care of your hair!!

    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    Summer Lovin'...Hair Edition part two

    I love the salty hair style I get from being at the beach and getting in the water. For some reason when you are at the beach your hair dries in the most amazing, messy, perfect casual style. Being as I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the water is still crazy cold no matter how hot the day is, I don't get the chance to get the beachy hair style often as I did when I lived in California. In fact this only happens when I am on vacation. So I was super crazy excited when I saw this video via BirchBox on how to achieve this look sans beach. Bonus - the only things you need are a mister, water and salt. No fancy products needed.

    Get your beach on!

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Summer Lovin'...Hair Edition part one

    Hair. As a girl hair can make or break my morning. If everything is going well the hair falls into place and I feel awesome. If it is not doing what I want it can really set the mood for my day in a not so awesome way. During the summer and depending where you are in the world humidity adds to the issue and can make the taming of the beast even harder. I am here to say I am tired of wearing pony tails and buns. So I know that I have talked about argan oil before for your face and now I am here to address  how it can rock your hair into shape!

    After taking a shower you take a small amount (no more that quarter size) of the oil and put it in your damp hair and style as usual. This has cut my frizz and has made my hair so soft that the first time I used it I couldn't stop touching my hair. If you are worried about it getting to oily, don't. You only put on a small amount and I don't rub it in to my scalp. I just concentrate on the nape of the neck down and then finish with the top. I have never had any oily feeling in my hair and I do tend to have an oily scalp so I understand your hesitation if you are worried.

    Now the biggest test came on my trip to New York in July. If you don't already know NYC is a humid city and July and August are top of the charts. Holy cow it was muggy and icky, but it worked liked a charm. Amazingly I have kept my hair out of the pony tail and buns and have been showing off my tresses in all of their well oiled, but not too oily, glory.

    I have tried several of the oils and really they all are awesome, but the best bang for my buck has been the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil. It's inexpensive, works and lasts a long time since you only use a little.

    Here is to a pony tail free summer!

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    For Reals

    Unlike today I always wear mascara. It's one of the three top beauty items I must have on my face (mascara, tinted moisturizer and blush) before leaving the house, however today I just totally forgot it. I was busy packing for my holiday this morning and spaced it completely.

    Last week when I was in New York I stopped in at Sephora to pick up some argan oil before I leave the country, because seriously I can not be without it and I am running low. At check out I got a free sample of from Benefit. I am not always optimistic about new mascara. They promise big, bold, long, fat, lean, brilliant lashes and I end up with clumps or slightly better than what god gave me. So I was hesitant to try it on a day that I had to look super presentable so I waited until this weekend. I was so surprised at how easily the application was and that at the tip of the wand are bristles that separate the clumps with ease. My lashes looked longer, darker and not clumpy or too fake looking. It was perfect for me. I get the definition I want without the 10 pounds of make-up look. I went out this weekend to buy the full size version since I loved it so much!

    Click here for a link to the before and afters Benefit has on their site and trust me you will love They're Real, super high recommendation!!

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Thistle while you work

    Summer and bugs seem to go hand in hand and nothing makes a vacation more uncomfortable than itchy, scratchy bug bites. If you are like me when you do get said bug bites it turns bright red and swollen and can completely ruin an outfit. So the big problem for me is that I don't like putting on bug deterrent stuff. Even the most natural of sprays you find in the drug store have a toxic fume that just can't be masked. So you have two choices, get bitten by every bug on the block and lake or smell like chemicals and not have anyone want to sit next to you. Not great choices.

    So I have tried so many different sprays because for reasons I can't even begin to understand bugs love me. I can be in a group of 10 people and be the only one that has bites at the end of the day. I must be pretty tasty. So after reading an article The Community of Magdalene, a residential community founded for women with a history of prostitution and drug addiction and helps them gain job skills and create a better future for themselves, I wanted to find out more. Part of this program is the women create natural hand made bath and body products and all sales and profits go back to the program. There are so many great products that they offer that I had a hard time figuring out what to get. Then I saw something I had to try. Geranium Spray. Apparently geranium is a natural bug repellent and they combine this with lemongrass and citronella (also of the repellent sort) with a dash of lavender to create a scent that you don't shy away from putting on your body. SOLD.

    Next up was the test and I must say that I didn't get one bite while wearing it in a pretty bug crazy environment this weekend. So not only are you supporting an amazing program, but you get great products that are good for the body, environment and soul. Not bad for a bug spray. I can't wait to try out some of the other products they offer too!!

    Oh and a small tip. Don't forget to put the spray on your feet. I made this mistake when I was in Minnesota for a wedding and could barely put on my bridesmaids shoes without wanting to tear the skin off my feet. Flip flops didn't even help since it cut right on the bites. A weekend I will never forget and not just for the wedding.

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Girls in Curls

    Curls. Unless you already have them, you want them and sometimes when you have them, you don't. We read in magazines that boys prefer them, I personally love the pretty, sexy feel I have when I have the perfect curls in place and I think they are universally flattering on all face shapes and lengths. The problem is they can take lots of time and skill to perfect and then the heat from the curlers or curling iron can wreak havoc on your hair. So what's a girl who wants pretty curls to do? Glad you asked. I came across this crazy little video through another blogger that goes over a quick and easy way for you to get curls without heat. I tried this a few times and have had some great results. The only thing I recommend is that you use a hair band that is not too loose or to tight. Let's just say I had a mark on my head for hours as a result of using something that was way too tight, not to mention a super headache!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Polish Off

    So I have told you my secrets of getting the nail polish to stay on, but about when you want to take it off? Have you ever gone through more cotton balls than you should and still don't have all of your polish off? You know what I am talking about, the ring around your toes. Not something we would call cute. I have tried several different types of polish remover and none of have made it clean on the first go round. So while perusing the interwebs I came across a suggestion for polish remover for the girl on the go. If you have ever been stuck in Warsaw and the only option is a brand of nail polish remover that you have never heard of and think is a double for ether, because you are pretty sure you passed out when trying to remove the polish off your toes, this is a very good idea. So I purchased a box and was hoping not only would they work, but that they could be portable. Score and score! Not only did one finger mitt work on both feet, but they came in individual little packets that are sure to take up little to no room in your suitcase! Love, love and really totally love.

    I don't usually do pre-portioned packaged items to try and cut down on waste for the environment, me, etc. So I was thinking about the overall impact these would have as they are pre-packaged, but then I realized that by using one mitt for ten toes (and potentially some fingers too) instead of 5 or 6 cottons rounds I was creating less waste. So I think this is even a bigger win!

    Wondering what product I am talking about? Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go! I love the cheeky name too. The tag line is 'for go-go girls' which I know is each and everyone of us.

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Polish On

    I love pretty nails. Nothing finishes an outfit better then lovely pretty nails including your feet! So with peep toe shoes, flips and sandals this summer I present to you the best option I have found for nail polish.

    I have tried so many polishes and the result is awesome for a few days and then for reasons I can only think of as my crazy stomping walk they chip. Who has the time for repainting the toes every few days? I certainly don't (although I kinda wish I did ala debutante style, but that's never going to happen). So I keep going through bottles of nail polish hoping and wishing that one will sustain me through more that one week. Then a few months ago in my BirchBox I received a small bottle of a pretty purple polish by Zoya. So even though it may only be yet another bottle of disappointment I gave myself a pedicure and placed the new polish on my toes. I went through a few normal days of wear and tear and to my surprise it was still in place, even the little toes! So I didn't touch up any of my toes and THREE WEEKS later it was still in place. I actually felt I needed to take it off before it needed to be taken off. Has that ever happened to you? Well then tell me what type you use!

    My friend and sugar guru Tobi told me that Butter London has the same effect, but it is a little bit more expensive. Since I like to make sure my wine budget doesn't get reduced I can't say I have tried it, but might give it a whirl soon. Until then I am going to keep using the awesome pretty colors from Zoya since I know they work like a charm!
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